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 Cancer Shop Investigate the Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods

It is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, cancer may be caused be a range of factors such as heredity, cigarette smoking, environment and lack of physical activity, but research proves that dietary factors play a significant role in cancer risk. Cancer shop has compiled from research the top 10 foods to avoid if want to actively lower the risks of cancer effecting you or your family.

10) Red Meat

Consuming meat on a regular basis, in particular red meat, can increase the risk of developing colon cancer by three times. in addition, individuals with cancer consuming diets high in saturated fats such as hamburgers and high-fat cheeses are almost twice as likely to have their cancer progress.

9)  Farmed Fish

A process now banned in the United Sates, though other countries still continue it, fish farming is the process of raising food fish commercially in enclosures and tanks. These farmed fish usually contain high levels of toxins and carcinogens. As result its advised to always choose wild fish , fish who are allowed to swim freely are free of this cancer-causing agent.

8) Pickled Foods

Pickling is a method of preserving foods such as meats , vegetables , fish and eggs. With refrigeration pickling is now no longer needed but more of a preference. Heavily salted and pickled foods have been strongly linked to higher rates of stomach cancer.

7) Snack Foods

Foods such as crackers, chips, cookies, cupcakes and other processed packaged foods are generally not healthy and should be avoided or consumed in serious moderation. These foods are made with white flour , sugar, salt and trans fats which can not only increase the rick of cancer but increase weight gain and increase cholesterol.

6) Cured Meats

Cured Meats such as hot dogs, lunch meats , bacon and sausages contain a carcinogen called Nitrosamine or nitrates. As a result of this cancer-causing agent, children should limit their consumption of cured meats and women whilst pregnant should  avoid consumption.

 5) Fried foods

Foods such as Potato chips, french fries and onion rings contain trans fats, which are very unhealthy hydrogenated oils. By regularly eating these foods you will be raising your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These foods are fried at high temperatures and as a result of the deep-fat frying process a byproduct called acrylamide is created. This byproduct is a neurotoxin and carcinogen, which can cause adverse effects throughout the body. It is wise to avoid deep-fat-fried-foods due to acrylamide – a potent cancer-causing agent.

4) Alcohol

Typically alcohol consumption in moderation is considered safe. Although drinking in excess can increase risks of a number of different types of cancer, including cancer of the liver , mouth, breast, esophagus and colon.

3) Sweetened Beverages

Sugar-Sweetened drinks such as juices and soft drinks are filled with refined sugar and have high glycemic levels. The problem is that sugar is the preferred source of energy for carcinogens in the body that can help promote tumor growth and formation.

2) Charred Meats

Meats and Charred foods cooked at high temperatures produce carcinogens called heterocyclic aromatic amines. When burning plant or animal products they become blackened, toxins are released and mutagenic by-products are formed. The rule of thumb is by cooking meats longer at high temperatures, the higher the production of these compounds.

1) Doughnuts

The Main cause for concern here is that doughnuts can increase your risk of cancer in more ways than one. To start , doughnuts are made with white flour, sugar and hydrogenated oils. Then they are deep-fried at high temperatures. The very high sugar content in doughnuts encourages the body’s production of insulin, which in turn encourages growth and division of cancerous cells. This dangerous combination of heavy sugar levels with high-fat ingredients and the carcinogenic byproducts from deep-fat frying make doughnuts in short the worst possible food you can eat to raise your risk of caner.




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