The Power of the Berry

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Over the years studies have shown positive results between people eating balanced diets rich in fruit and vegetables and reduced cancer rates. It is now widely considered that berries may be a potent cancer-fighting fruit, and when added into a balanced diet may aid, help treat and prevent cancer. Berries in general contain a range of key vitamins such as A, C, E, folic acid, Calcium , Selenium , polyphenols and also compounds called anthocyanins which are what give berries their particular colour.

Under investigation here are black and red raspberries, strawberries, elderberries and blackberries. According to research even though  blueberries are very popular and boast many health benefits , they do not seem to house the same cancer-fighting compounds as some of the other berries.

In a scientific study carried out by researchers at the Ohio State University USA, results have shown that black raspberries have the ability to hold back the development of esophageal, oral and colon cancers in rats. Human Studies have also shown positive results and benefits from the consumption of berries. One particular small study of people who have the condition – Familial adenomatous polyposis (a genetic condition which raises colon cancer risk) were given black raspberry extract. The results showed that the patients given the extract had up to 59% less rectal polyps than patients taking a placebo. These findings were published in novembers Cancer Prevention Research journal. A further study also showed that black raspberry powder decreased symptoms for people with the precancerous condition – Barretts esophagus.

So berries in general , and particularly raspberries shape up to be one of natures most promising super foods, however the majority of people find eating them on a daily basis not so practical. To reach the kind of results found in studies on rats, humans would have to ingest around a pound of berries everyday to equal the equivalent dose used in the aforementioned rodent studies. Another variable is the variation in climates and growing techniques which may be altering the concentration of the beneficial compounds in the fruit. Even though frozen berries can be consumed during out of season periods instead of fresh, these fruits can be expensive and again make consuming them on a daily basis impractical.

Due to these constraints researches are now looking to identify the key ingredients that give berries the ability to fight cancer. In a recent published study, scientists were able to compare rats who ingested a diet of full black raspberries to those consuming a diet of concentrated black raspberry powder. It was found in the study that the anthocyanin powder was just as effective as the whole raspberries for decelerating tumour growth. The studies results also showed that rodents consuming both the whole raspberries or the anthocyanin powder developed 50% less esophageal tumour’s compared to those rodents who were untreated.

To conclude even though the verdict on berries as a potent cancer fighters is still out , the former head of the Cancer prevention program at Ohio state university Dr Gary D Stoner states that “people could still benefit greatly by consuming them”. The studies we have looked at have already presented positive results, and along with common knowledge that  people with diets high in fresh fruit and vegetables tend to have better overall health.  Dr Stoner also went on to state that ” frozen berries are a good option, they wont spoil and can be eaten all year round” Concentrated berry powders are now available at most health stores and here in our very own Shop. Why not try our concentrated blueberry or strawberry powder today?

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