Over the past few years researchers have become more aware of the power of beetroot. Although it’s probably not the tastiest member of the vegetable family, it may well turn out to be one of the healthiest. For those who really can’t stomach the taste of this vegetable you’ll be glad to know that raw.. read more →

A New Press Release Came Out Today (10/102013) detailing information about a molecule that original implicated DNA repair is now be considered to be a crucial factor in preventing tumours such as medulloblastoma (type of childhood brain tumour). Read the Article Here  read more →

Studies over the years have presented many benefits of consuming wheatgrass on a daily basis. We will firstly look at one of the beauty benefits of consuming wheatgrass, and its power in the reversal of grey hair. So how exactly is this possible?  Well according to Traditional Chinese medicine, our hair pigmentation is defined by.. read more →

This BBC video report examines a woman who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and who is now trying to prove doctors wrong by totally changing her lifestyle and diet. Claire Grant who is from Oxford England was informed that she may only live for another six months, but has now not only outlived her.. read more →