Lemons Cure Cancer



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Lemons and Cancer

Several studies have recently indicated the strong basis of using lemons as part of cancer treatment.  It should be noted that reports are still conflicting that whilst lemons and other citrus fruits do have cancer fighting properties, the exact effectiveness they have against particular types of cancer has yet to be determined.

The Benefits of Lemons as cancer fighting nutrient.

We know that the Vitamin C found in lemon juice is a widely known alternative cancer treatment in its own right, now we know that the peel too of the lemon can also offer many health benefits such as eradicating toxins in your body. This maybe why lemons are be championed as a potential remedy.

Studies have shown that lemon extract can successfully kill malignant cells in a range of different cancers, such as Colon Cancer, lung Cancer and breast cancer. Other studies also make claims that lemons can destroy cancer in a more 3ffective way than chemotherapy in a safer and healthier manner. The reasoning behind this being that lemon extract therapy only destroys malignant cells, not healthy cells that can be affected with chemotherapy.

Other health benefits of lemons including the following;

  • Lemons are antiviral
  • Can aid Digestion
  • Antibacterial
  • Used to treat Acne
  • Can help regulate blood pressure
  • Help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Possess antidepressant qualities