Iron & Sugar Culprits In Cancer?

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Studies over the years have presented research which indicate the best way to help treat cancer naturally is to starve the cancer cells of Iron and Sugar. (please note this does not include the exclusion of fruit sugars). We will now present the science that shows the positive results in lowering cancer risk, and aiding treatment by excluding both these elements.


Over the past few years many clinical and laboratory investigations have noted that one of the dangers of iron is its ability to like neoplastic cell growth.  Due to its catalytic effect on the formation of hydroxyl radicals, aiding cancer cell multiplication and its suppression of host defense cells – iron is a carcinogenic. In short people who have a high amount of iron in their blood create a good environment to host and promote cancer or malignant tumour cells. It has been found in both humans and animals that primary neoplasms start to develop at sites in the body with excessive iron deposits. Doctors are able to make predictive assessments based on a quantitative evaluation of body iron and iron-withholding proteins in cancer patients. The benefits of procedures that can lower host iron intake and induce host cell iron efflux can greatly aid in prevention and management of such neoplastic diseases, and as a result potentially withhold cancerous growth.  Methods are currently being explored via pharmaceuticals of depriving neoplastic cells of iron in experimental and clinical protocols.


Its been known for over a 100 years that sugar is a major culprit in cancer development, research states the following ” cancer cells demonstrate a 3 to 5 fold increase in glucose uptake compared to healthy cells” Dr Demetrakopulos (worked on cancer research for many years). Other studies have also shown strong links between sugar and neoplastic diseases ( this is where the tumour growth and tumour cells multiply in a high sugar environment). Pancreatic cancer risk is increased in those who choose to drink two or more sweetened soft drinks a week (worse when mixed with alcohol). This is an unusual but worryingly deadly cancer. A large study carried out in Singapore of 60,000 people by Mark Pereira of the University of Minnesota found that sugar was to blame, ” High levels of sugar in soft drinks may be increasing the level of insulin in the body, which we believe in turn contributes to pancreatic cancer cell growth”. Made in the pancreas, insulin is the hormone that helps our body’s metabolize sugar.

The Study by Mark Pereira of the university of Minnesota found the following results (as printed in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. The Study followed 60,524 (both men and women) for 14 years.

  • During the 14 year study, 140 of the 60,524 developed pancreatic cancer. It was found that those who drank 2 or more soft drinks per week increased their risk of pancreatic cancer by 87%.

Mark Pereria has stated that he believes these findings would apply elsewhere in the world. Other notable facts are that tumour cells use more glucose than other cells, and further more that one 12-ounce can of non-diet soda can contain around 130 calories, pretty much all of them being from sugar.

CancerShops Tips

  • Consume Anti-Cancer foods – foods such as broccoli, green tea, yoghurt, cabbage, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, all berries, garlic and many more all help kill cancer cells. By cutting down on sugars you will be inhibiting the growth of these cancer cells, and by consuming more anti cancer foods you will have a better chance of killing existing cancer cells.
  • Exercise – by simply working out 30-45 mins around 4-5 times a week you can ensure that the excess sugar in your body can be flushed out. It can also increase the number of healthy cells in the body, once the number of healthy cells out numbers cancer cells, the body’s ability to fight and destroy cancer cells increases.
  • Cut down on common carbs – sugar, corn , white flour, cold soda drinks and milk all have sugar that can fuel cancer cell growth. Its best to try and increase your fibre intake which can help flush out sugar deposits in the blood and body. Its advised to consume mainly anti inflammatory proteins that can help regulate blood sugar (foods such as soya milk, beans, tofu, nuts and seeds) –  these can all help starve cancerous growth in your body. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, its basically as simple as this – by feeding them with an unhealthy lifestyle you are increasing your risk of cancer.
  • Controlling and watching your haemoglobin count – This should be between 12-15G/dl, if your count is higher than this it can create an ideal environment for cancer cells to grow.

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