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Welcome to our Cancer Community

Researching and sharing possible natural and herbal cancer treatments.

Welcome to the Cancer Shop, We are one of the UK’s unique cancer awareness and prevention groups, researching and making available possible prevention therapies for cancer patients. Cancer Centres across the the globe are already encouraging patients to adopt anti-cancer diets as part of there cancer treatment. Natural and herbal products such as Wheatgrass, Vitamin D, Apricot Kernels and Broccoli Sprouts may potentially help and aid treatment and improve general health.This research and information is readily available on the web, however sometimes it is hard to distinguish exactly which treatment is right for you or how to go about purchasing it and starting a course. Our aim is to make this as simple as possible for you, we provide not only the information, but a stock a range of exclusive easy to use products that can get you started.

Many cancer patients want to adjust their diet and build a cancer diet, the question is where do you start? How do you know which Vitamins and Natural Compounds are right for you?  Again we are all well aware there are no scientifically proven cures, but detailed research does indicate a change in diet and a course of natural/herbal cancer treatments can aid and boost your immune system, thus helping fight cancer.

There is still a way to go to prove the causes of cancer and how to prevent it, but where there is quality scientific research indicating possible concerns, breakthroughs and increased risks, we also aim to provide you with this information.

So What Do We Offer?

Here at Cancer Shop you can read Articles and blogs about Natural Compounds from Wheatgrass to Broccoli Sprouts, Turmeric, Broccoli Sprouts, berries and Ginger to name a few  that have all been shown in extensive research to help and aid cancer patients survival. Not only that, you will find links for all the prominent UK Cancer Support Groups, and other useful communities.

Throughout the website we cover a whole range of natural and healthy compounds that may help and compliment your cancer treatment programme as prescribed by your Doctor. We will present the research to you, show you how easy it is to implement these Natural/Herbal treatments into your diet, and conveniently supply them via our online Shop.

Cancer Shop’s aim is to encourage people to increase their own personal odds of beating cancer, to engage people into making informed personal choices about possible Natural Treatments that may help alongside their treatment (not instead of) . So please feel free browse through our many well researched articles and expand your knowledge and be in the know about this life threatening disease.