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 We look into the widely overlooked benefits of diet changes that may help cancer prevention

Many Thousands of scientific studies have found a link between diet and the treatment and prevention of cancer, but in the common arena diet is still considered a marginal aspect of cancer care.

Although there are no proven ways to prevent cancer, the NHS state that eating a healthy well balanced diet can help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. The worrying thing to consider is that in most cancer centres in the UK, diet is still seen as almost a marginal aspect in cancer treatment and after care. Even though there are plentiful amounts of researched science on the subject, it is not considered “gold standard” science and thus not taken as seriously as effective cancer treatment.

However here at cancer shop we take a pro active view to dietary changes and patterns and believe there are many nutritional Natural and herbal therapies to can aid cancer treatment and help toward prevention of the disease.  Combining the implementation of fresh natural herbal compounds in the diet and eradicating harmful compounds and dietary traits can potentially aid cancer treatment and possibly prevent it altogether.

For instance, one of the best- researched foods for cancer treatment and prevention is the spice Turmeric. Curcuma is a chemical compound found in the root of turmeric, which has an anti-inflammorty effect and quite specific effects on several forms of cancer.  Research also conducted on Broccoli sprouts that may stimulate cells to protect against disease, Wheatgrass and its combination of compounds Chlorophyll, Selenium and Laetrile also reinforce the potential in alternative treatments.

Throughout our website you will read detailed articles on many of the most prominent nutritional natural and herbal Cancer Treatments. From Video Tutorials to a well stocked online shop to ease the learning -implementation process. You can take comfort by reading through our user friendly site and learning about alternative cancer treatments and suggestions.

As with so many alternative therapies , there are many advocates and naysayers, a simple search on Google will find many websites dedicated to the virtues of nutritional diet therapies, while other sites can almost unthinkingly claim that these therapies are time wasting and unproven. Generally neither group helps the cancer patient at the end of the day.

Our aim is to provide information that is already in the public domain, and present it in a simple informative way, our site makes it easy to grasp and implement possible alternative treatments you may want to try. We are behind individuals trying and researching alternative treatments and learning more about cancer. but it is ultimately your decision what you decide to do with this information.


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