Broccoli Sprouts

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Now is the time to discover the nutritious benefits of this wonderful super food. To save you time we’ve put together a range of articles on to help you quickly learn about nutritious benefits of consuming Broccoli Sprouts on a daily basis. Detailed research also indicates that cruciferous vegetables such as boccoli sprouts contain high levels of cancer-fighting and protective compounds. Studies have shown that 3 day old  Sprouts contain 10-100 times higher levels of sulforaphane (the cancer fighting property) than the mature Broccoli plants.   The facts are that 30g of broccoli sprouts contain the equivalent amount of sulforaphane as one and a half pounds of mature broccoli, impressive isnt it. Well why not start incorporating broccoli sprouts with your favorite dishes and give them a serious nutritious boost.

Here we go lets look at  3 Simple Servings tips that will help you incorporate this wonderful powerful super food into your diet with the minimal amount of fuss.

  • On your conventional sandwich , Warp or burger/veggie burger –  instead of just using basic salads such as lettuce, onion and tomato try adding a layer of broccoli sprouts.
  • Fully Load your salad full of Nutrients by sprinkling a mix of alfalfa and broccoli sprouts over the top.
  • Create a a super healthy burrito, Start by first covering a whole wheat tortilla with low-fat refried beans, low-fat Cheese and Salsa , then proceed by adding a tablespoon of broccoli sprouts. Once you have done this roll the burrito up and microwaves for 1 minute, let the burrito stand for a further minute and enjoy.
  • Load your salad full of nutrients by sprinkling a mix of alfalfa and broccoli sprouts over the top.

Always remember broccoli sprouts are low in carbs and packed full of healthy compounds which you can learn about on CancerShop. Here is a quick breakdown of the nutrients in broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli Sprouts – Serving of half a cup = 28g

16 Cal , 1.4g portein , 0g Fat , 1.1 fibre , and .8 net carbs.

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