Why Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder?

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Why Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder?

The Benefits?

Not only are broccoli sprouts natures super food, but they are now linked to have marked benefits with Cancer treatment and prevention. The reputation of Broccoli sprouts is now spreading across the world as one of nature’s nutritional powerhouses.

The sprouts themselves are full of antioxidants, vitamins, fibre and minerals, and have copious amounts of folic acid and contain some of the highest levels of Vitamins A and C found in any food or drink.

If this isnt enough broccoli sprouts also support normal cell development and support the correct function of the immune system. This super food is also known to contain high levels of a compound known as Sulforaphane.  Scientific Research has shown positive results that Sulforaphane can be a key component in the fight against cancer and aiding cancer prevention.

So what exactly  is Sulforaphane?

Over the years scientific studies have shown that sulforaphane has powerful anti-cancer properties that can boost the capacity of cells (studies carried out in animals) to fight against cancer, and deter cells from becoming cancerous. Sulforaphane exists as a result of the enzymatic process which occurs when cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage cells are broken. The body can quickly and easily absorb sulforaphane once its ingested.

How Can Sulforaphane help fight Cancer?

Researchers suggest that Sulforaphane induces enzymes which in turn can deactivate carcinogens and other free radicals (that negatively effect our health), which can improve the body’s own defense system, and strengthen it to fight off cancer-causing chemicals.

Why is SuperSproutShop’s Broccoli Sprout Powder so unique? (Available from our shop)

Testing by the Australian Queensland Government laboratories by David Williams PhD, Senior Chemist in the Department of Agriculture’s Fisheries and Forestry, indicate the Super Sprout Shops Broccoli Sprout powder has all the right compounds that produce high levels of sulforaphane. Super Sprout Shops broccoli sprout powder delivers the following results;

  • The SuperSproutShop production process does not destroy enzyme activity – key to the production of sulforaphane.
  • World class growing facilities are used to maximise potential sulforaphane levels
  • High levels of Myrosinae and glucoraphanin
  • Our product has proven enzyme activity ensuring a high conversion rate of Glucoraphanin producing an average yield of 0.7% Sulforphane (more than 80% of the glucoraphnin is converted to the active Sulforphane)
  • Very little ESP present in SuperSproutShop Products
  • SuperSproutShop broccoli sprout powder is 100% Pure
  • No Fillers of additives
  • Australian certified organic
  • USDA certified
  • Long Shelf Life (Enzyme activity is not affected)
  • Great Value for money

FAQ on Broccoli Sprout Powder.

Can it be used in Cooking?

Yes broccoli spout powder can be used in cooking, due to the enzyme stability, our broccoli sprout powder has the same benefits heated (not boiled) as consumed at room temperature. As a result broccoli sprout powder can be easily added to any of your favourite recipes. No nutritional value is lost during the cooking process but it is important to consume as quickly as possible after cooking to maximise sulforaphane uptake,

Are the Capsules in your shop as effective as the powder form?

They are indeed, both the capsules and powder provide exactly the same nutritional goodness. Sulforaphane productions begins when liquid is added, this means that sulforaphane production will commence upon entering the stomach, or when the powder is added to water or meals.

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