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Raw Food Benefits - Beetroot



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For many years now dietitians have been arguing over the best foods, diets and lifestyles that we can adopt. Whilst there are many fads that claim correlations between certain foods and there positive effects in treating certain illnesses and diseases, it’s hard to ignore the incredible health benefits of Beetroot. Not only does the crimson red root help lower blood pressure and boost digestive health but it can also contribute to cancer prevention.

Beetroot contains Betacynanin, which studies have found to slow the growth of tumours by 12-13% in patients with breast and prostate cancer. It is key not to underestimate the importance of slowing down the growth rate of cancer. When  cancer patients are dubbed 2cancer free” it is only in light of the fact that cancer has not returned, anything that can help slow down the growth of cancer within a patients can allow more time to treat, or even discover before the disease could become fatal.


Beet Juice Killing Cancer Cells?

Studies have shown that Beet juice can help detoxify as well as protect our cells using much needed nutrients and oxygen. Athletes recently have started using nutrient dense liquids and incorporating beet juice into their diet to help improve physical performance.

These aforementioned breakthrough studies have indicated that the same characteristics in beets – that can help athletes perform better , can also help cancer patients reverse there condition. It is well known that there is a link between oxygen and cancer, and it’s now known that beets can increase oxygen within the blood by around 400% whilst helping to elimination s waste products.

Please note, because beetroot is such a powerful detoxifier it is not recommended to drink beetroot juice straight but to mix it with other juices to soften its effect. Beetroot, carrot and apple are a tasty way to get started. Furthermore please note when dealing with cancer, it’s always advised to consult with a trusted healthcare provider.