Anti-Cancer Diets, Starving Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

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In our Modern world current cancer treatments can be quite frustrating. Not only because in certain countries they can be expensive, painful and unfortunately in some cases fail to work. There are many alternative therapies too that can be effective for some but for others show no signs of improving their condition. However there is one fundamental issue that we much understand in regard to cancer treatment, and that is diet. Creating an Anti-cancer diet can be an effective step in aiding your cancer treatment and giving you the best fighting chances of beating the disease. For most changing to an cancer diet has minimal side effects, and can be used alongside other cancer treatments such a chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The most common and effective Anti- Cancer Diet involves cutting out carbohydrates, starting with the most dangerous carb of all Sugar.

Studies over the years – Notably a study by Dr Dominic D’Agostino of University of South Florida, and his team who research metabolic therapy found that by removing carbohydrates from the diet consumed by lab mice,  the mice were able to survive highly aggressive metastatic cancer more successfully than when treated with a conventional cancer treatment chemotherapy. Dr D’Agostine stated the following “We have dramatically increased the survival rate with metabolic therapy, so we think it’s important to get the information out into the public domain”

Dr D’Agostino believes that the results are not only relevant to mice, “ I’ve been in correspondence with a number of people suffering with cancer, at least a dozen over the last 18 months to 2 years, and all of them who have followed this diet are still alive, despite the odds, so this is very encouraging.

The Fundamental of the Ketogenic Diet

Cells, including cancerous cells are attracted to and powered by glucose, the idea is that if you deprive cells of glucose they will be able to switch to an alternate fuel, ketone bodies. The interesting part is that cancer cells can’t make the switch. There is a defect in cancer cells that prevent them from making the switch to surviving off ketone bodies for fuel instead of glucose (which they survive on). All normal cells can survive on both glucose and keystone bodies. Dr D’Agostino goes on to further explain “ Normal Cells have the metabolic flexibility to adapt from using glucose to using ketone bodies, But cancer cells lack this metabolic flexibility, so we can exploit that. So for those cancer sufferers who want to deprive their cells of glucose and instead power them with ketone bodies, they will need to consume what is called a Ketone Diet. A Ketone Diet consists of nearly zero carbohydrates, instead consuming lots of natural proteins and fats. Foods that make up a keytone diet are easily available in most grocery stores and are easy to prepare. Recipes can be found online, and a good selection of books are available in shops that will help with making the switch.

Some Common Ketone Diet pointers;

  • Consume “Natural” Proteins such as those in their original form without having things added to them. Avoid any processed meats such as hot dogs, as carbohydrates will often have been added to them.
  • “Natural” fats such as olive oil, avocados and nuts are ok as they are whole foods. Do not consume “trans” fats such as shortening or margarines, or any oils that are hydrogenated, Trans fats are basically man–made and worth staying clear of.

Common Mis -Conceptions of the KeyTone Diet

Over the years people have been cautious and afraid of adapting to a keytone diet because they think consuming fat like this is bad for the heart. However doctors say that as long as the fats are natural (natural fats are good for you) then you are fine. Author of the book “The great cholesterol Myth” Dr Sinatra states that the real cause of heart disease is inflammation, which generally occurs from eating too many carbohydrates. He states the Following “patients need to be coached about the dangers of sugar; Unfortunately, they are currently not hearing that, They’re hearing the converse which is the dangers of fat. Fat is healthy for you, As long as it’s not Trans Fats, which are dangerous.

To Conclude

By adopting a ketone diet which entails cutting back on carbohydrates and eating natural fats and proteins as your staple diet, you may not only improve your heart health but  you will be able to give your the body the fighting chance it needs to fight cancer, and in some cases successfully eradicate it.



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