The Power of the Berry Press play to hear this page Over the years studies have shown positive results between people eating balanced diets rich in fruit and vegetables and reduced cancer rates. It is now widely considered that berries may be a potent cancer-fighting fruit, and when added into a balanced diet may aid,.. read more →

We are all aware off the much needed energy (caffeine) boost a coffee can give – but studies are now showing a link between consuming a few cups coffee a day and the prevention of prostate cancer. The Huffington post article includes the research’s results which show a 59% reduced risk of prostate cancer in.. read more →

Iron & Sugar Culprits In Cancer? Press play to hear this page Studies over the years have presented research which indicate the best way to help treat cancer naturally is to starve the cancer cells of Iron and Sugar. (please note this does not include the exclusion of fruit sugars). We will now present the.. read more →

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The Famous Oscar-winning actor from the US Dustin Hoffman who is now 75 has been treated successfully for cancer and is “feeling Great” according to his spokeswoman. Read to the Full Article below read more →

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